Are You Constantly Sipping Water to Relieve Symptoms of Dry Mouth?

While many people rely on water to cope with their dry mouth symptoms, it simply can’t provide the ongoing relief needed. Since water doesn’t contain moisturizers and lubricants, the relief is only temporary because once you swallow, the dryness soon returns. Also, relying on water to compensate for saliva can affect quality of life — particularly sleep as large qualities of water may cause you to wake up and race to the bathroom during the night.

Sipping Water is Not the Solution

Sipping water can bring some relief from the sticky or dry feeling you’re experiencing in your mouth. However, water doesn’t contain the moisturizers and lubricants necessary to provide longer-lasting relief.

Simple Dietary Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Diet can play an important role in helping relieve symptoms of dry mouth. Healthy snacks like celery can add moisture to your mouth and stimulate saliva flow while moistening hard, dry foods with broths and sauces can help make them easier to eat.

Tips to Help Alleviate Dryness

In addition to Biotène, here are other things you can try to help keep dry mouth under control:

  • Practice good oral hygiene to help keep your mouth healthy.
  • Avoid smoking, which can aggravate dry mouth.
  • Limit your alcohol, caffeine, and sugar intake, as they can dry out the mouth.
  • Avoid oral products that contain alcohol, since they can increase oral dryness.
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